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This portion of our
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stories pertaining to
animal abuse, neglect,
and overpopulation.
Our goal is to educate
the public about these
very real issues and to
gain support to combat
Texas, 70 animals seized
from breeder.
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8/21/07 Arizona, 63 dogs
die today.
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Ohio 7/2004, Pug Puppy
Mill Raided, 4 dogs
euthanized, 26 remained
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The Truth About
Puppy Mills
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9/29/05 Florida,More than
60 feces-covered animals
removed from home
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Various Dates, Several
Locations, Seriously Abused
Pit Bulls
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We will continue to add stories to this page. Animal
neglect and abuse is very prevalent in the United States
and all across the world. This is a problem that needs to
be fought by everyone that loves animals. If you see an
animal being abused or neglected, or
think you have seen
this, PLEASE contact your local Animal Control, ASPCA, or
Police Department. It is better to be safe than sorry, as in
many of these cases. They have no voice. They need
If you have trouble contacting agencies in your area,
please visit the Contact Us page and we will do our best
to assist you.
Pits And Rotts
For Life
We pay
tribute to
Libby...a girl
we got to just
a little too
Little Pitty Libby was found tied to a tree with a
half a bag of dog food next to her, but not in
range for her to eat. Libby was emaciated. No
one knows how long she was tied there, but a
nice couple found her and brought her into the
shelter in Howard County.

We took Libby into rescue, but she could not
leave the vets office. Libby was very sick. She
was eating, but couldn't hold anything down.
After 6 days of being hospitalized, Libby died.
When Libby died, she went knowing what love
finally was. The whole time she stayed at the
vets office, Libby was showered with attention,
kisses, hugs and lots of people caring about

Don't let Libbys death be in vain. Please, if you
know of anyone abusing or neglecting an
animal, please call you local police, Animal
Control or Humane Society. We, the people,
are their only hope. Speak up for the animals
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