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Volunteer Application

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Email Address:
Spouse: (First, Middle, Last)
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Cell Phone:
Your Employer:
Do you do rescue on your own? Yes
If so, please explain:
Do you work with another Rescue? Yes
If so, please explain and give the Name, Phone# and E-mail Address of the other rescue:
What experience or special training would qualify you as a Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue volunteer?
Why have you chosen to volunteer with a Pitbull and Rottweiler Rescue?
What Services can you provide to Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue, Inc? (Please check all that apply) Foster Care
Walking Dogs
Transporting to appts or homes
Home Checks
Follow Up Visits
Fund Raising (Raffles, Bumper stickers, etc
Returning Phone Calls
Checking References By Phone
Special Projects (Grants, Acquistitions, etc)
Visiting Shelters
Evaluating/Photographing Dogs For Adoption
Veterinary Services
Please list names/ages/breed/sex of your Dog's and if they are neutered or spayed:
Are your dogs current on all vaccines? Yes
Don't have dogs
Are your dogs on heartworm preventative? Yes
Don't have dogs
If yes, what type?
If you have owned dogs and do not now, what happened to them?
Veterinarian's Name and Phone Number:
How did you hear about Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue?
Space For Additional Comments:
I will provide my own automobile and health insurance, and heareby agree to not hold Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue or any of it's volunteers, associates, or foster care providers liable for any physical, emotional or property damages that are a direct or indirect result of activities involved in the placement, transport, grooming, training or evaluating of Dogs in any way associated with Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue. This includes any and all activities I perform as a Volunteer. Sign Here and Date

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