The above pictures are of Minnie Moo when she first
came into rescue.    She came in at around 6 mths old
and was positive for demodectic mange, not
contagious.   Minnie Moo was treated for about 1 1/2
months and tested negative after treatment.   
Minnie Moo Update
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3 Weeks After Treatment Started
Minnie Moo Now In Her Foster Home
Waiting For Her Forever Home
Minnie Moo is now about 1 yr old.   She is
spayed, up to date on vaccinations,
microchipped, heartworm/lyme tested
negative, dewormed, fecal negative.    
She loves other dogs, male and female.   
She loves people once she gets to know
them, but at first she is somewhat scared.  
If you are interested in adopting Minnie
Moo, please
click here to fill out the
adoption application.
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Minnie Moo Has Been Adopted