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The dates are wrong on the camera until we get to
June 30th, 2009
Gia is a 3 mth old Pitbull puppy that was found wandering as a stray in Brooklyn, New York. If
you notice in the pictures of her, she will need to have her eye removed, and medical after

Gia was brought down to Maryland, on June 23, 2009, by an ASPCA van, to go straight to our
vets office. I made it to the vets office just as the van was leaving to get pics of her. As soon as
the vet looked at her, he said "the eye is a goner"

Can you please help us give Gia the medical help she needs?

Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All donations are
tax deductable. Thank you for anything you are able to donate
Meet Gia
Update: 6/24/09--Gia had her eye removed, and about an hour later she went into respiratory
failure. They rescusitated her back to life and in her sleep she was crying, screaming and
thrashing around. Around 9:40pm, the vets office called me to let me know she was waking up
and calming down.  They would not let me in to visit with her or be with her today.
Update: 6/25/09--10am--Gia's gums, skin and eye color are all normal. Her temperature is normal,
but she has had 4 seizures already. She is in a semi-coma.

Update: 6/25/09--2:30pm--I went to visit Gia, and she was now in a full coma. I gave her lots of
kisses, rubs and cried my heart out letting her know lots of people love her and are praying for her
and that she will make it thru this.

Update: 6/25/09--10pm--No news is hopefully good news. Keep your prayers coming.
Update: 6/26/09--8:30 am--Gia lifter her head up and moved it side to side. They fed her and she ate
a whole can of AD dog food with them holding her head and the bowl. They're not sure if she can

Update: 6/26/09--6 pm--Gia ate another whole can of AD dog food for dinner. I went to visit with her
and got to hold her like a baby. She gave kisses, but she did shake most of the time. She's still not
totally coherent, but she does know something is going on around her.
Update: 6/27/09--3:30 pm--Gia is still doing good with eating. They took her off of IV's, but she is
still not coherent enough to really understand what is going on. She has very little movement in
her body, but she can move her head up and down and side to side. I learned that she is scared to
death of loud noises.
Update: 6/28/09--10:30am--Gia moved her head a lot more today. She also shook alot more
then she did the day before. She felt a little warm, so she may have a temperature, but it wasn't
a major problem. She is still receiving steroids and anti-biotics, but not fluids since she is
eating and drinking.   Gia is still blind in the eye she has left.   
Update: 6/29/09--6:45pm--OMG, I can't believe the difference in one day. There are so many
pictures I took today that mean so much, I couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so I'm
putting a link to the slide show so everyone can see them. I was in tears when taking these pics,
so beware. I hope this link works.
5&localeid=en_US&cm_mmc=site_email-_-site_share-_-core-_-view_photos_button.  Just so no
one is confused, after the first couple of pics, I was trying to figure out how to change the date. I
figured out how to, but I thought today was the 30th, so a few pics are of the 30th, then I realized
it was the 29th, so you'll see those pics to. But at least the date is finally right.
Update: 6/30/09--6:30pm--Another OMG---Gia is walking. Check out the link.
Update: 7/1/09--6:45 pm---2nd day of Gia walking.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSpF3x1V8yY Yipppppeeeeeee
Update: 7/2/09--Unfortunately, youtube is telling me the video is going to take over an hour to
download and I have to get to one of my clients houses and do an overnight, so I won't be back
home until tomorrow eve, but by then the newer video will be posted. Gia is still doing great and
everyone at the vets office is spoiling her rotten, being carried around like a baby all the time.
LOL----Ok, I finally got the video to download on Youtube, even though it is 2 days later. Here's
her 3 rd day walking.  
Update: 7/3/09---Again, I can't upload today's video because my batteries are now dead and my
system will not recognize the download. But, I was able to finally download yesterdays video.
It's about 4 mins long, that's why it took so long. Check out update from 7/2/09 and you'll see the
Update: 7/4/09---The vets office is closed today, so I will NOT be able to visit with Gia. Here is the
link to the video from July 3, 2009. I finally was able to download it. If you listen carefully, you'll
here a woman who works at the vets office is intersted in adopting Gia. Yippppppeeeee
Update: 7/5/09--Gia's 5th day walking. This video shows her finding the best spot to take a
poop. Yipppppeeeee.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJjUPOS6Gag. This next video, is the
one that I lost on my computer. It is the first time Gia took her first steps.  It may make you cry
watching her fumble into things, but think about how much progress she has made since then.
Update: 7/6/09---Gia's 6th day walking. Youtube will not let me get on so I can only tell you about
her day for now. They removed her stitches. She tried to nurse from a male dog. She met a lab
and 2 other dogs. Usually, she'll walk up to a dog and think it's an obstacle in her way and turn
around and walk the other way.  She was very sociable today.
Update: 7/7/09---Gia is still doing well.   Youtube wouldn't let me put a video up, and I don't have
the time to sit for an hour to wait for it to download.
Update: 7/8/09----Gia meeting a Collie. I haven't had much time online, so bare with me. I'm doing
these updates really quick.
Update: 7/9/09--Gia meeting a baby Boxer, which is still bigger then her anyway.
Update: 7/10/09--Gia meeting an older dog. She wants to play so bad, but this dog is to old for
that puppy energy. LOL.
Update: 7/11/09--Gia is doing very well.   A friend came with me today, so she could walk Gia, and
I would walk in front of them.   I don't know if it was scent or shadow, but Gia jogged to catch up
with me.   She'd stop after a few seconds if she didn't feel me near her.   I left my house early
today, so I forgot to grab the camera.
Update:  Gia Has Been Adopted
Gia's eyesight is starting to come back.  She is
becoming more balanced on her feet.   She is partially
deaf, not completely.   She loves her furry brother and
sisters, and her human siblings to.