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Meet Brock
Don't pay attention to the date/year, since it's not that year yet, because it's a friends camera
and I don't know how to change it.

On June 11, I was visiting a no kill shelter/rescue around 6:30 pm. A woman walked in talking
about a dog. The woman at the shelter asked her if she was interested in adopting or was
giving up a dog. She said giving up a dog and it was a Pitbull that she had gotten about a
month ago as a gift. The shelter wasn't taking in any dogs, and I have no room for anymore
dogs, so I asked the woman how long she could hold him. She said she would hold him for at
least a week. We would help her find him a home.

I asked the woman if we could see the dog, so we walked out to her car and there he was in
the back seat. He was very happy and mellow, didn't try to jump out the window or go crazy
to meet us. He was a very trainable dog. I was rubbing him and noticed some marks on his
side. I asked the woman what happened, she said "I don't know, he came like that". When I
looked him in his eyes, one of them was blood shot. It didn't look like Cherry eye, so I knew
something was wrong. I asked her what happened to his eye, she said "I dont' know, he came
like that".
This dog had been abused and there was NO WAY I was letting him stay with these people
any longer. I told them to drive down the road about 4-5 miles and take him to my vets office.
My vet checked him over and it turns out someone has either punched or hit him with an
object in his face. The blood shot eye, ruptured blood vessel, and the lump on his nose, are
from blunt force to the face. The marks on his side are burn marks that have been there for a
while. He cries when you touch his eye and nose. The dog is still in pain. Unfortunately,
since all this was done so quickly, neither I nor the shelter worker got their names, address or
tag number. So NO charges can be pressed.

Barrack, as they named him after Obama, is now named Brock. He is only 6 mths old. He
LOVES people and other dogs. When I went to visit with him at the vets office tonight, I don't
think his tongue or tail stopped wagging or licking for more then 5 secs. Brock will be staying
at the vets office for some time to heal and get help.

We are in need of help with funds for his medical treatment, a foster home for this sweeheart,
or a forever home. If you are able to help us with any amount, I'm sure Brock would greatly
appreciate you caring enough to get him the treatment he needs.
You can also mail in donations to:

Pits And Rotts Rescue
P.O Box 970
Randallstown, Md. 21133
If you'd like to make a donation towards
Brocks medical treatment, that would be
greatly appreciated.    Thank you for any
help you are able to give.
Update On Brock
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