Since all furbabies are angels and anyone that
helps a Furbaby is its best friend,  we've decided
to show the world who our Best Friends are.    
Thank you to everyone that has helped or will
$1 - $99
$100 - $499
Melanie S
Susan S
Lindsay N
Curtis J
Leonard G
Anne F
$500 - $999
Connie N
$1,000 - $1,500
Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)(3)
Non-Profit Organization.   It is an all-volunteer
organization that does not have a physical shelter but
uses foster homes. We work with shelters to save the
lives of pets that have run out of time.
All donations are Tax Deductable
Deniese M
Yvonne C
Christa M
Jennifer B
Ruth M
Nicole M
Carissa M
Candice B
Charlene B
Andrea L
Traci W
Clint A
Carolyn N
Helga L
Anthony F
Lisa B
Rocky Barton
Nicole S
Gerru T
Rebecca B
Amber B
Amanda E
Brian O
Good Shephard Rescue
Nicole O
Stephanie M
Robin G
Kellie P
Tara R
Emily D
Jennie A
AnnaMarie S
Terry B
Jami H
Denise R
Gwendolen H
Very Cherry Creations
Margaret R
Brittany H
Beth H
Brandelyn H
Andrea C
Stephanie H
Gina G
James W
Danielle R
Emily P
Robin R
Ronald S
Jenni H
Gina T
Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue, Inc~~~All Rights Reserved
Yolinda S
Diane Pigott
Weatherly C
Lori E
Ambur H
Donita M
Karen I
Gayle C
Linda T
Angela D
Nuphar B
Melanie F
Kelly M
Matt B
Jessie R
Trish C
Angela B
Melissa S
Aileen N
Bonnie M
Donna T
Kellie P
Jennifer L
Tara M
Michael A
Selina D
Erika B
Debbie G
Marie P
Britt B
Soy N' Dipity Candles
Tara S
Rachel M
Ambur H
Melissa B
Mary P
Christy P
Shelby K
Erin M
Amy A
Tammy H
Randall L
Allison R
Estrella F
Sophia B (Rottie Mix)
Mary B
Susan M
Eric H
Bonnie M
Theresa M
Carla M
Doreene N
Annette L
Darlene S
Craig W
Carolyn H
Eleanor M
The Horse
RescuePatricia M
John C
Lori P
Diana A
Rose S
Stephanie M
Lori T
Rebecca D
Cheryl R
Carla V
Helen S
Jennifer C
Bonnie H
Marcia B
Dena G
Randi G
Kimberly D
Susan R
Tracy W
Thomas C
Marvella W
Danita C
Debbie S
Lisa C
Irene A
James S
Amanda R
Michelle M
Cheri F
April M
Jamie T
Karen G
Susan M
Amy B
Debby R
Christy P
Candice B
Wendy B
Terri R
James S
Kevin C
Gayle C
Jaclyn M
Mystery Shopping
Gina H
Sherry L
Paula E
Amanda D
Lauren C
Becca's Workshop
Simone S
Stacy G
Carlos R
Shirley G
Clare B
Angela L
Mandi M
Pamela I
Eleanor M
Kathi Taylor
PinUp For Pitbulls
Matthew R
Penn Stray Save
Melissa H
Carla C
John/Delores O
Shelley C
Wendy B
Stacy P
Ernie's Place
Jennifer D
Howard/Lois W
Allison R
Marsha M
Names can be added In Memory Of,  to say
Thank you to someone, as a gift, or even just to
get your name on our list.   You won't regret it.
$2,000 - $3,000